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People who likes my anthro OC's
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Mole---> Mole corp Name Change. 
why? cuz they have scientists and PMC's whatever they are I dunno.
I Have a Wacom tablet and a Huion ArtGlove...I'm a real killer
Or does Old Jade's Ref work, it has all the colors but an outdated character.
still works Ayyyy?
I HAVE NO ENERGY to DRaw....!!!
uggggggggg why am I saying this


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am Virazec or on Devart Realvirus86.
I am a Digital and traditional Artist (I'm getting better and better) if you wonder why my arts like so special that is because I have my one style when I'm drawing so don't blame me for drawing bad!

Friends: :iconhashtagdown::iconflyinqq::iconluvsketch473::iconslashdotpaw::iconlilrussianpanda::iconhawkielovescake::iconpr0xy-op::icontherealbundlake:

What I like to draw: I really like to draw furry/anthro art and soldier/war art if you even say that

if you are a fan or a BIG fan of my Anthro OC's well join this group
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Furry Pastel stamp by ZERlC
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Bandetto Stamp by kokorogensou
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if wanna contact me, my discord tag: Virus 86#2857

when Jade was born she lived with her dad and her mum. Her mum was kind of grey and her dad was white and both of them was wolves. When Jade was young she really Loved her Dad very much, even more than her Mum "that was the problem" why Jade really loved her dad was because he learned here very many things. Jade did well in school because of her dad, she always was with boys and girls at the breaks, Jade was kinda a popular girl when she was young. Her most rated subjects in school were gymnastics, history and math. when she began to be a teenager, she did more things with her dad like being with him more and more, and in some cases, she
helps her dad with things and she always helps other people. But one day her mum snapped she got so jealous that she took a gun and shoot her dad to death, she had planned to kill her husband and take Jade and move to another place. luckily that didn't happen because here she got arrested and sent to life in prison. The last thing she heard from her was
-Jade, I'm coming for ya! 

By that time Jade needed to live with her dad's grandfather who was an old war veteran and has much money. at that time Jade was 17 years old. Her grandfather. had a kinda hard time walking so most of the time Jade took care of him. Her grandfather always told her old war stories there he has been in. He also told her things that could be important for her. Every night her grandfather sat in a kitchen with a gun to protect Jade if her Mum would come back. 
The years went by and Jade finished school, and her grandfather now needed to be in a wheelchair because he's legs almost couldn't take Any more.
Now Jade choose to Joined the FF. Her grandfather said she shouldn't Join them because he doesn't want to lose his only grandchild because he also loved her.
But Jade needed money so she bout an apartment with her grandfather's money. 
When Jade was about to move to the apartment her Grandfather said
-please take care of you Jade and I will miss you very mutch.
he said and gave her some money she could buy some food for.
She replied
-don't worry I will also miss you, and I will call you sometimes.

Jade lived in the apartment for two days, suddenly she got a call from her grandfather.
she answered
A male voice could be heard it did not sound like her Grandfather
-Hello, are you Jade?
Jade replied
Yes, I am what's going on.
He said that her grandfather had died of a heart attack, and her grandfather was 92 years old.
When Jade heard that she broke down in tears, she could believe her whole family was gone. All because of jealousies. Right now Jade was absolutely really sad when I mean it I really mean she really fucking sad. Next day she went to his funeral. the only one who was there was Jade and her grandfathers, brother. Jade stood there with tears in her eyes they just kept coming.
The next week she joined The FF, she was kind of happy to get a new job but som sadness was still inside of her. Jade completed all the six courses and then she completed the class course "the courses for the class she chose" she choose to be a combat medic. she was now ready to be in a squad. She was put in a squad called bloody claw. The members of the squad were Frank "the squad leader" Zara, Jazz, Hank and Woofi. The first thing that happened was when there were at the shooting range and Jades weapon Hade stock, Hank walked to her and showed her how to fix it. And that was the thing Hank now started to help Jade just like her Dad did. So Hank was now kind of like Jade's half dad. Since Jade joined bloody claw Woofi has started to get a bit interested in her. One day Woofi asked her out and of course, she said yes to that. Woofi has only kissed her once. On Jades birthday woofi bout her a gaming console and That was the problem after Jade got that gaming console Woofi comes home to her and just plays games on it, he totally ignores Jade. So Jade left woofi are now with her half Dad Hank, The days went by and the whole group was outside talking Frank came with a purple fox. Frank said
-everybody, we got a new soldier in our squad
everybody looked at them, Jade Thought 
is that really a fox?
suddenly Jade heard Frank say
-now someone that could have this Fox in their home because I don't want a Massacre to happen here.
Jade walked up to Frank and said
-I can take care of him Frank
Frank answered
-okay, Jade but first I need to tell you some important stuff.
They walked into a room
Frank told her that the fox was MEF or MrEvilFox, a BCGU team found him near a mole multicore base, they think he could be a Mole weapon we don't know so much about him But
BCGU is investigating the base right now to find out more about it. Frank said that she can defend herself if he would attack her but if! Jade need to contact Frank.
After the talking Jade changed into her casual style and packed her bags because she's going to be driven home with MEF. On the way out Of The FF base, Frank gave her a key, he said that it was for the handcuffs MEF was wearing.
so Frank drove them to her apartment. On the way out Jade said to Frank
I'll be fine Frank don't worry I will have everything under control
Frank said
-Okay now I know, just one thing a guy will pick you guys up tomorrow.

On the way in Jade pushed MEF to the wall and said
-if you trying to mess with I promises I will kill you MEF.
Jade kinda felt bad for that she said to him but no!
when they entered her apartment she pushed MEF on the floor and yelled
she yelled and dragged him onto the sofa.
EY calm down girl I didn't anything to you? MEF said
SHUT UP! Jade screamed
okay MEF said
while Jade was in the kitchen and reading som FF reports
and her income MEF said
EY Jade, can we watch a movie?
Jade answer
Excuse me
Yes, can we watch a movie?
Jade walked to the sofa and said that
movie? It will start in a minute.
MEF lied on the opposite side of Jade and steering weirdly at her
okeeey? MEF answered mysteriously. The movie was one hour long.

after that MEF said
What? she answered
I'm hungry MEF said
Jade said 
alright then I'm ordering a Pizza
when she now have the pizza they sat in the kitchen and ate it when they now ate the pizza MEF said
-alway when I look at you I can't stop thinking how beautiful you are he said with his head steering at the wall
Jade just looked at him shocked and nicely answered
-umm thank you
when it got late Jade said that MEF could sleep on her sofa
MEF asked if she could unlock the handcuffs he said it started to get uncounterable in his wrists.
Jade said 
-Only if you ask nicely she said And tried to sink him by looking sexy.
MEF said
please, you don't know what I have been through.
Jade said 
-then tell me
Jade, we don't have time for it I need sleep you need sleep MEF said.
okay, then but tomorrow you tell me she said and unlocked the handcuffs.
Then She went into a room to find a pillow and a quilt for MEF.
On the way out MEF pushed Jade against the wall and put his left hand against the wall and looked Jade in the eyes and said.
-there's one thing you need to know Jade
Jade what terrified she didn't know what to do so she just said
That I love you he said and kissed Jade on the mouth.Heart 

Just Come A Bit Closer by RealVirus86
i am a bad writter kinda



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