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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am Virazec or on Devart Realvirus86.
I am a Digital and traditional Artist (I'm getting better and better) if you wonder why my arts like so special that is because I have my one style when I'm drawing so don't blame me for drawing bad!

What I like to draw: I really like to draw furry/anthro art and soldier/war art if you even say that

if you are a fan or a BIG fan of my Anthro OC's well join this group
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Hoffman. John
-Mole scientist
Rank: Classification LVL6.
Station: J-W-MMSS-03

Let's just get this started shall we?
2015 we began the BAMWP Project. It's a very important project for us since that Goddamn F#¤% Bald Rebel Dude took of With the UCM also Known as the Uknown chemical material "thingi"
That dude has been causing a lot of problems here at the base, Spreading the infection around some areas of the facility we were forces to Kill Tofen and Zergaden urg... it was horrible I have known dose guys for over five years.
But let's just get to the point here. In BAMWP we used Three anthropological Animals for the test, the goal was to create an Anthro weapon that could help us defend us against The Infection and our enemy factions.
We Had Made a Chemical called XOW That we should we should inject the chemical into one of the Animals. Badly enough we had mixed the chemical Wrong and our little Coyote Friend Brutally committed suicide in the test chamber, he didn't even try to attack the prisoner. Almost the same thing happened to Wolf but the only good thing was that she Had become aggressive towards the prisoner but she also committed suicide. Last Up was the Fox But when we were about to inject the chemical to the fox the hazmat dude accidentally dropped the XOW into the ground and breaking it. 
Of course, we got really mad. But at the time our little Fox friend was in the MolePrison, we had Made another technic we called OWP, It was a big chamber with water inside it that we could put subjects and Biologically Modify the subject it took Two Years to make this thing. When we took back the Fox from the MP it looked like he had been Punched kicked somehow, he was also very wounded and was almost about to faint. Probably those guards hade Assaulted him Many times, Idiots! I Told the Chef of Security on that wing to tell his men to just leave him alone BUT no.

We modified Many many things with him, for example, we made his Tooths sharper and deadlier, We modified him so he could see in Infrared and Night vision. some things that we couldn't Fix Was his Furr It got automatically Purple with some Black on his ears and white on his belly and his tail. also Changed Eyes to a more predatory look the eyes can also glow. We also Implanted a little device into his belly That is connected to his brain the device controls his Combat system and healing system and some other things more advanced stuff, It also contains Combat and melee knowledge and more such as talk and count and relations and you that stuff like that.
We also made him a bit bigger and a bit stronger.
We made him Immune to the Infection so he couldn't be crazy and start to kill everyone.

Some stuff about the Some devices in him.
The Combat device.
-If hurt he will go into Combat mode 
immediately and will track down the enemy.
-If one of his team members will get hurt he also goes into combat mode to Defend the wounded soldier and maybe save him/her.
-the machine also manipulates his body so Bullets almost won't hurt him.
 -Some other Unkown stuff...?

health devise still in (Beta Version)
-Controls are given to the Fox so can heal himself
-He can heal others (Beta)
-Will auto heal when his down(beta)
the device is still in Beta but we will take in him and make it to the full version sooner or later.
OH, I also forgot to write this but we Brainwashed him so he doesn't remember anything from his past life. 

when we were done with him we put him in the test chamber. The Recon commander Dente was responsible for him.
First, we wanted him to have a name. Dente was the first one to come up with a name, He named him to MrEvilFox. I was thinking what is that a kind of a name, how old is Dente 2 or something?
I wanted to Call Him XOF or AMW-003 but Dente was more Ranked then us so we called him for MrEvilFox or MEF for short.
Finally, MrEvilFox woke up, He walked to the one mirrored window and I think he looked at himself. Dante took the mic and said it loud and clear
Hello, my name is Dente I am a Mole commander and you are MrEvilFox
To my surprise, the Fox answered he said something like my Name is MrEvilFox? no other BAMWP Have answered our questions. 
Dante kept talking to him and he replied, then finally we tested him we sent in a Prisoner and Dante told MEF to grab the knife and attack the victim, he did as he said. He's eyes Started glowing purple and he started to grown just like an Angry Wolf we were so surprised that after two years it finally Worked. MEF stabbed the heck out of that guy, he bite by the throat 
and made some intestines Come out of his Body IT WAS SO MUCH BLOOD  AND IT WAS SO BRUTAL almost felt a bit bad for that prisoner 
BTW the Fox is still Work in Progres, I really hope that he really can Kill that Rebel that has ruined our experiments.

This is Hoffman signing out.


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