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i'll draw youre OC in a faction uniform
i'll can you you as a 
BCGU Soldier
BCGU FF (only furries)

just request and send me a note what faction you OC wanna be in 



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MrEvilFox MEFs backstory cover by RealVirus86 

 After Murdervirus stole V-86-C-S the Moles hade no chance to defend their self from The infection he stole.
the V-86-C-S was an infection that made people go insane when infected and also mutate into very dangerous creatures.
 They Are Not Zombies(READ!)kind of a fail by RealVirus86MurderVirus (not main oc) by RealVirus86
They needed something strong that could defeat Murdervirus something as strong as him. They knew murdervirus could teleport and be very fast and good with melee weapons.
He hade stolen things from them before. One of the Mole scientist's said they could try using a furry as a weapon against MV, the other mole agreed whit the plan. three days after it the Mole scientist's hade created three substances they hade planned of using it on the furries (Meanwhile) Three Mole squads was sent out to kidnap three furries. When they arrived they came with one Wolf, one Coyote and a Fox.
First they tried it on the Coyote The result ended up brutely, when the Coyote saw the test subject in the test chamber he grabbed the knife the scientist have given him, he got scared and started to scream and took it and started to cut up his own stomach and ripped out his own organs, he died of massive blood loss. The wolf, however, got into that aggressive mode when he saw the test subject, but the wolf cut his own throat instead of killing the test subject. Now for the fox, when they were about to give it to the fox the Mole hazmat was stupid enough to drop it on the floor and got destroyed. The scientist said that they
could put him in a cell while they made the new subject for him.

The Fox was sent to a Mole prison that was within the Mole base and the science base. in the prison there was mostly captured BCGU or Tiger soldier that have tried to infiltrate the base but failed.
he didn't like the prison, the prison cells hade blood on the walls from fightings. some of the prisoners hade gone insane sometimes they started to laugh happily and cried at the same time in a corner. The most terrible thing the fox always was afraid of was the prison guards/Mole agents. they would always be assaulting the prisoners. they would always assault the fox because he was a furry. 
they would knock him down and kick and punch him while he was on the ground and the other prisoners wouldn't do a thing just stand and watching, but sometimes people would try to attack the guards but always ended up dead or executed by Mole soldiers. Most of the prisoners were afraid of the prison. Sometimes an alarm goes on and all the prisoners would hide under their beds, the alarm meant that the Mole soldier and the
guards would check all the cells. The fox could never sleep in the prison so he cried himself to sleep because he was so scared of the prison he wanted to go home. He dreams nightmares of when the mole stormed his families house when he was alone at home. He also dreams about when the guards assaults him. 
One day he looked himself in the mirror he turned around and asked his cellmate
-is there any Escape from this place?
His cell mate was sitting in the corner and covered his face, He looked up at the fox and said
-There's no Escape he said with tears in his eyes
right after that five guards came in the cell and started punching and kicking them. Finally, a Mole soldier came into the cell and said
-EY! stop they scientists want the fox alive!
they eminently stopped assaulting them both they took the fox to the Labs and they left his cellmate badly wounded in the cell alone. they took him to the mole labs.
they put him in a big thing with water in it. there were wires connected to his body. The fox passed out in the big water tank. the only thing he could see in his mind was the word kill.
The mole scientist's made him immune to the V-86-C-S Infection which the didn't to the other things. the also removed his past memories from like his school all his school friends and all from his family
everything they deleted everything from his past life. but not important stuff like talking thinking and yea you know.
now the fox mind was flashing he could see a name while the flashings it said MrEvilFox then everything went black...

He later woke up in the test chamber he looked around and saw a big mirror he thought it was a mirror but it was just a special reflection window.
he looked himself in the mirror and he was purple with and black his eyes was small and they were purple and his teeth were razor sharp. suddenly he heard a voice.
-Hello, my name is Dente I am a Mole commander and you are MrEvilFox.
 MrEvilFox said
- Is my name MrEvilFox?
Dente answered
-yes your name is MrEvilFox but anyway let's get started can you see that knife on your left?
MrEvilFox turned to the left and saw the knife he answered 
-yes, I see it.
Dente said
-Good pick it up
MrEvilFox picked up the knife
suddenly the door opened and a test subject came through the door.
MrEvilFox went into a full melee position his eyes was glowing purple and attacked the subject. The moles in the other room looked at each other....they hade succeeded whit a Mole weapon.
Dente picked up the microphone and said 
-Good job MEF
MrEvilFox froze, the thought about they nickname Dente said MEF. One of the guards said to the scientists and Dente to get out.
MrEvilFox was in that room for days he hade been giving food and subjects to kill and some communications with Dente. One Day MrEvilFox was in the Test chamber and just walked around when the hole Base shaked
he first thought it was and earthquake and then it stopped. Then he could hear a guard from mirror screaming. Then he could hear the other 
he could hear someone stabbing him. Then he got some kind of flashback on a bald guy whit a knife and purple eyes and blood on his hoodie.
exactly when the flashback ended the light started to flicker in his chamber and an air vent came down from the ceiling. he saw it as his great escape route. he crawled through the air vent and came to a spot there he could look out of the air vent. He could see the reception to the science base. he could see scientists running and he could see four red guys standing there three of them hade weapons and one hade a speaker. he said
all personal come to gate B to get out I repeat gate B this is a Mole soldier speaking. 
then he turned around and a storm with gunfire came and killed the Mole soldier and some scientists got shot after that seven green guys came in one of them said
-the reception is clear of enemies
MrEvilFox didn't know what BCGU was because the removed it from his mind.
Now he was at the end of the air vent and he used his knife to screw up the vent that was in his way.
Mole classes v2 by RealVirus86Mole sciense corpetation M.S.C by RealVirus86
he landed on a guard that walked behind some scientists. one of the scientists said 
After he said that a group of BCGU soldiers came and scream
-Get down get down on the ground!
And on the other side, a team of Mole soldiers came and MrEvilFox ran as fast as he could into the jungle and the both factions shooting at him. Unluckily he got shot in the leg by a mole while running from them. now he couldn't run as fast. He climed up a tree to hide in when he was now up in it could see the mole soldier running under the tree. then he looked to his right and he could see something explode in the Mole base. now MrEvilFox hade stayed in the jungle for days His injury had leaked, sometimes he sneaked into the mole base to finde food. one day he was in a tree and eating an apple he could hear a helicopter he jumped to the next tree and saw that it was a BCGU helicopter. he could see soldiers rappelling themselves down from the helicopter. just about to see what was in the helicopter he got shot but he didn't die he was just He was just sown. when he woke up he sat on a chair and with a bag on his head and his hands was cuffed then he could hear a voice
-welcome to the FF 
They removed the bag from his head and he saw a fox whit a military outfit.
he said
-Hello MrEvilFox or should I say MEF my name is Frank.
MrEvilFox answered
-umm hello, Frank...
Frank said 
-you have two choices to take now MEF Work For BCGU FF or be in quarantine for the rest of your life just to protect you from the outside world, so you chose one of them NOW!

MrEvilFox said
-ummmmmmmm that FF thing.
Frank answered
-good! they will now make an FF uniform for you cmon get him up.
Frank walked to his squad and said, everybody, we got a new soldier in our squad. MrEvilFox felt a bit weird because everyone in his squad was wolves almost. he said now someone that could have this Fox in their home because I don't won't a Massacre to happen here. A white female wolf walked up to Frank and said
-I can take care of him, Frank.
Frank answer
-okay, then Jade but first I need to tell you some important stuff first.
After frank said that to her he told the two BCGU soldier to wait outside The FF building. When they were outside Frank and that girl Jade was talking to each other and then he gave her a Knife and a key that was the key to MrEvilFox handcuffs he had on. Jade didn't have her FF uniform on. Jade said to the two BCGU soldier to wait in her the car. they then drove to an apartment block. MrEvilFoxthought that could be Jade's apartment. In the car, she said to Frank
-I'll be fine Frank don't worry I will have everything under control. before they exit the car and walked into the apartment block to Jade's apartment.
on the way in Jade said to MEF
-if you trying to mess with me promise I will kill you MEF!

that was the backstory of MEF MrEvilFox

hope that was all

 Filename by RealVirus86



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Virus 86
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i am virus86 or on devart Realvirus86 becus they didnt let me be calld virus86
i am a youtuber and a good drawer (im getting better and better)so i know what i doing when im drawing so if you need help just call me. if you wonder why my arts like so special that is becus i havemy one style when im drawing so dont bleam me for drawing bad!

BTW i am a furry lover!

What i like to draw: i really like to draw furry/anthro art and soldier/war art if you even say that

oh i am one of the leaders of Molefans

My discord group:

my discord tag: Virus 86#2857

Woofi's discord tag: Woofi#8798


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